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Why does the world disappoint us ?

Why does the world have expectations of us?

Why does it want us to be the way it is?

Why does it always want us to be good to them?

Why does it always be the first to question us?

Why do we always have to hide?

Why do we always have to suffer for its actions?

Why does it always want to control us?

Why does it always say, "tu kyun aisi hai"?

Why does it not agree with us and let us live the way we want?

Why don’t you understand that our heart too breaks to always listen to you, dear world?

Dear world, now relax and listen:

Just let the people be the way they want;

and do encourage them to be fierce and

to be proud of themselves;

and tell them, this is their life and all is in

their hands;

do not control them and tell me to love them.

I just want to be safe and happy in this world amidst all the problems

I wrote this not because I hate you – I love you dear world;

just wondering, can't you change your negatives into positives?

Don’t you think ‘we’ are gonna love you then?

Written By: Prishitha Reddy (@writingsofpri)

Edited By: Samiksha Ransom (@samiksha_ransom)

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