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Yin Yang by Shikha Sharma

Art work by Emily Kray (https://emilykray.com/)

I am a contradiction

Of my own thoughts 

Fueling my insecurities one second, 

Calming my broken breaths, the other.

In awe of the pouring sky one day,

Sitting hours by the window

Frustrated with the humidity

And wet grounds, the other.

Sipping on my hot coffee one evening

Cherishing the warmth, 

Going cold on the iced-tea

And myself, the other.

Wanting an ethereal love story one day,

Refusing to initiate conversations,the other

Loving you so hard one moment 

Hating you to my very core, the other.

Going berserk with my life choices one minute,

Planning my uncertain ten years, the other.

Not wanting to settle 

In the blacks and whites 

Of the predefined world

Exploiting my greys,

Carving a whole different story

Eliminating fear, self-pity and you.

Getting tamed 

Giving up on my ammunitions 

Surrendering to the blasting noises

Of the methodical society 

No room for my distorted views 

No room for change.

Shikha Sharma is a poet and writer based in India.

Read her other poem published on our site - https://www.allearsindia.com/post/checklists

Follow her on Instagram - @oh.womaniyaa

Read other published work: https://www.allearsindia.com/weekly-publications

Edited by: Suhana Simran (https://www.instagram.com/suhana_simran/)

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